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Mallorca - all out of one hand

If you want to get to know Mallorca first and rent a Villa, a Finca or an apartment or if you want to buy your dream-home... We support you to make your dream come true.

All the information about Mallorca, how to handle a rent ( for your holidays or as well for a long-term rent ) and as well when purchasing a property we give you good advice and our experience and our network is at your hand.

  • Where do I get this... ?
  • Where do I find that... ?
  • I need an insurance ( for my property, health-insurance, insurance for vehicles,... ).
  • I need a good plumber, solicitor, IT, a garage,...

We are here for you - just a phone call / an E-Mail / a message... Sorted !

Contact us now - we are happy to attend !